Monday, December 22, 2008

6 weeks to go

It is hardly imaginable that in 6 short weeks our little bundle of joy will be here. I am excited, but at the same time I am nervous as heck. I keep wondering, will I be a good mom, will I know when my baby is sick, will I be able to breastfeed, will I know when to throw out the "expired" milk... random things keep running through my head. It is exciting to see John's face as he feels the baby move and he was able to feel little brown have the hiccups. His face it lit up with pure joy! I know he is going to be a great dad, and that is so exciting for me! His dad has the changing table/ dresser all done and stained, and he is top coating it now. He still is going to build a bassinet as well, so that is exciting. My sister and her family are coming up in two weeks for my baby shower at the church, I am excited to see them and see the nephew. Here is a Christmas picture to leave you with, from our home to yours! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Coming Months

I had my first baby shower on the 7th of December at my friend Jenny's house. It was a blast, she went all out! I got some great gifts as well, my favorite... someone made me a diaper cake... it was cool! I had an appointment on Friday and I have 7 weeks left. The baby is in position, with his head down. My doctor also thinks that he has dropped some, which I can feel, I can breathe better. I am uncomfortable sitting and leaning down for anything, but I know that is to be expected. At least I can still get in and out of the bathtub by myself, which is a good thing, since I have resorted to taking nightly baths for the aching muscles. We have our first family Christmas on Friday with the Brown side, then John and I will have Christmas on the 25th with each other, later on the 25th we will have it with his immediate family. The 27th will be Christmas with the Holderman side. I have my next baby shower on the 3rd of January, then Christmas with my sister, her family, my grandma and my dad and step mom on the 4th. Then my last baby shower on the 7th for work. It will be a busy couple of weeks coming up, that's for sure!