Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthdays and Easter and 100th Birthday

The kids both had their birthdays the beginning of this year. Tyler had a John Deere themed party for his 3rd birthday and Heidi turned one! CRAZY Both parties were a blast and it was fun to celebrate with friends a family.

This year for Easter was a blast. Tyler is starting to understand more about the meaning of Easter and not just enjoying the candy and Easter Egg hunts. At school they talk about the resurrection "eggs" and he can tell you about the story of how and why Jesus died for us. It melts my heart to hear him re-tell it.

We also did get to have some egg hunts, 4 to be exact. Tyler had one at school, we had one at our house, he had one at church and one at Mamaw's house. Thankfully not all the eggs were filled with candy. I put stickers and quarters in the ones at home. He can only eat about half of the candy anyway, a lot of the mini candy bars have egg in them.

We had John's grandma's 100th birthday party yesterday. She just amazes me. Still lives at home with her husband, walkes with only a walker and still praises Jesus for the life she has been given. And she looks AMAZING!