Friday, August 24, 2012


Some days I wonder about this life we are living. What should we be doing more of or less of? I think that same thing about my job. We recently received supplemental pay and it was based on our job performance. I am extatic with the amount, however I know that my rating was just average. So again, the question remains, what should I be doing more or less of? I have been very reflective lately, about my life and decisions I have made. Some are great, my husband and children and having a relationship with God. Some not so great, temptations and frustrations. I am so thankful that God is an awesome God and can forgive all my short comings. We have had a busy summer. There seems to always be something to do every weekend, which I love. Here are some pictures.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthdays and Easter and 100th Birthday

The kids both had their birthdays the beginning of this year. Tyler had a John Deere themed party for his 3rd birthday and Heidi turned one! CRAZY Both parties were a blast and it was fun to celebrate with friends a family.

This year for Easter was a blast. Tyler is starting to understand more about the meaning of Easter and not just enjoying the candy and Easter Egg hunts. At school they talk about the resurrection "eggs" and he can tell you about the story of how and why Jesus died for us. It melts my heart to hear him re-tell it.

We also did get to have some egg hunts, 4 to be exact. Tyler had one at school, we had one at our house, he had one at church and one at Mamaw's house. Thankfully not all the eggs were filled with candy. I put stickers and quarters in the ones at home. He can only eat about half of the candy anyway, a lot of the mini candy bars have egg in them.

We had John's grandma's 100th birthday party yesterday. She just amazes me. Still lives at home with her husband, walkes with only a walker and still praises Jesus for the life she has been given. And she looks AMAZING!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Heidi is now walking all over the place. I was giving Tyler a bath last night and she came walking around the corner from our living room to the bathroom and down the hallway. I was so shocked! She's been taking stpes here and there but not that far before. I am one proud momma. She still has no teeth though, ugh, lol.

I am thinking she is going to be allergic to eggs like her momma and brother are. We had Tyler's birthday party last weekend and someone fed her some cake. It has not been very pleasant in the diaper department since.

John and I are doing wonderful, now that Heidi is older, my MIL is taking her more for babysitting. This has been super nice for us so we can go out together alone or with friends. You kinda forget how nice it is to just be with your partner when the kids come.

As for me I have started to do some new things in my life this year. I don't want to call it resolutions, cause I am afraid I would break them then, lol. Around the beginning of February I found an app for my phone for the bible and a daily reading plan. So I am attempting to read verses everyday so that I can read the whole bible in one year, so far so good. It is very interesting.

I also have been having some knee pain so I finally went to the doctor. He gave me some not so good news. I have some weakening in the ligaments behind my knee, he gave it some technical name, but with that he placed me on a new medication to try. I am hoping it does the trick because the other more severe alternative is knee surgery. So please pray for me with that.

This week I also decided that I look disgusting. To me, my weight has gotten a little out of control. I started my diet on Monday and am doing really well. I am using Slim Fast shakes and 90 calorie snacks for this. I hope and pray I can stick with it. I would love to exercise again, but the only two things I am really cleared to do is the elliptical and running. So here's to hoping my gym re-opens by April so I can go and that the weather becomes nicer.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's New?

My little Heidi is 9 months old already. Time really has flown by. It is hard to imagine our lives before we had both children. Tyler is now completly potty trained. He went to Heidi's sitter one day and came home not needing diapers! Praise to Jacki! She has been a lifesaver when it comes to John and I and our children. Heidi is finally starting to teethe, she has none right now but is cranky today and running a slight fever. Her gums are finally soft, so here's to hoping some pop through.

We had quite the busy month of December. A lot of things happening, and some Christmas parties thrown in there as well. We got to explain to Tyler the true meaning of Christmas and at the time he seemed to understand. We took some of his earned money and gave it to the church as an offering, and then he bought gifts for his sister, dad and one for me too. Our little guy is such a sweetie.

Here are some updated pictures of our clan from Christmas and Heidi's 9 month picture on the bed in black and white as well.