Friday, July 29, 2011


It has been a while since I posted. Heidi is now 4 months old, as of yesterday. She is doing so good. We are starting to try some rice cereal once a day with her. She is not so sure about it. Tyler is also doing very well. He has had a missing tooth for about 11 months (all his other teeth came in) however that one straggler is now finally popping through! WooHoo! We took the kids to the fair on Sunday, Tyler loved every mniute of it, the animals, the food and the rides. His favorite part was of course the tractors :) The kids also enjoyed the 4th of July. Tyler loved the parade and both kids stayed awake to watch the fireworks! We have also been enjoying the pool lately, Heidi had her first experience in it a few weeks ago. She loved it, we will have another swimmer on our hands hopefully :) We also poured some concrete at the in-laws and the kids made their stamp in it :)