Monday, January 31, 2011

8 weeks left

I only have 8 weeks left, to the day, until we get to meet baby girl Brown. I am excited, but also nervous. Tyler is a handful at times and I wonder how it will be for him having a new one to contend with. The daycare says he is great with babies when they come to visit, so that is encouraging. We are busy making the spare bedroom into a big boy room for him. We moved out the computer desk and my scrapbook desk to the basement. We have a twin bed in there and this past weekend we bought his bedding a side rail and step stool. We got paint and this Saturday will be painting it. John and his dad are working on building him a dresser, we hope to get this all done by his birthday so it gives him some time to adjust before the baby comes. And hopefully he won't feel ousted from his room... I am happy knowing that this will be my last pregnancy ever, I have been so ill that I am more than ready to not have more kids, I am not sure my body can take that. Hope you all have a great week!