Monday, August 16, 2010


Our family has been so busy lately, running from one thing to the next. And it's only gonna get more busy. John and I are expecting our second Brown Baby, our due date is April 1st. We are very excited. This pregnancy so far has been a little different, a little nausea, but not like with Tyler and I am somewhat tired, but not every day. Maybe this will be a girl...

We had a lot of fun this past weekend, we were able to go to the lake to visit with my Grandma, Aunt Linda, Uncle Mike and all 3 of my cousins, their wives and children. It was such a good visit and great to see everyone. The next couple weeks are busy as well. We have Tyler's 18 month photo shoot, his 18 month check-up, my family reunion, my 10 week appointment, my class reunion and much more.
Here's to hoping this is an easy week at work, lol!
First Tricycle Ride
First Fair Ride
First Haircut
Sleepy Tyler
First Trip to the Zoo.. his favorite part, the Tractor's