Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's New?

My little Heidi is 9 months old already. Time really has flown by. It is hard to imagine our lives before we had both children. Tyler is now completly potty trained. He went to Heidi's sitter one day and came home not needing diapers! Praise to Jacki! She has been a lifesaver when it comes to John and I and our children. Heidi is finally starting to teethe, she has none right now but is cranky today and running a slight fever. Her gums are finally soft, so here's to hoping some pop through.

We had quite the busy month of December. A lot of things happening, and some Christmas parties thrown in there as well. We got to explain to Tyler the true meaning of Christmas and at the time he seemed to understand. We took some of his earned money and gave it to the church as an offering, and then he bought gifts for his sister, dad and one for me too. Our little guy is such a sweetie.

Here are some updated pictures of our clan from Christmas and Heidi's 9 month picture on the bed in black and white as well.

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