Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New pictures

Tyler is now 5 months old, time seems to be flying by. My best friend is due in 6 weeks with her baby, so we are very excited. A little playmate for Tyler. Here are some recent pictures and a video.
Loves his playmat
Found his feet
Trying to sit up, hasn't mastered that yetFlying with daddy

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We took Tyler to his first fair on Sunday. I am not sure if he really new what was going on, but he looked around and about the time we were going to show him all the animals he fell asleep. At least he wasn't fussy while we were there. Here is a family picture caught on camera.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I went out last night with some girlfriends from high school/church. We always have such a great time and it's good to get away from home and husbands/children. There were 9 of us for dinner and it dwindled down to 7 for bowling. We ate at Hacienda and then went to try our luck with the lanes. The first round of bowling was normal, the second however was anything but normal, thanks to Marla. I captured a few pictures to show.
The List
Jess, Sara, Lyndi and Colleen
Colleen on the left and Karina on her butt
Marla laughing
Colleen one legging it

Monday, July 6, 2009


We started Tyler on his first vegetable yesterday, green beans. I had bought the first stage of baby food, a few jars for him to try before I made our own so that I knew he would eat it before I made a bunch. He does not like it pureed. I had to cook some green beans and use my magic bullet so that they could be a little chunkier for him. He liked that better. Here is that experience caught on camera.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


John's mom gave us some rice cereal a while ago that had apples in it. So we thought that since he didn't like the plain stuff, which by the way tastes like cardboard, we would try the kind with apples. He did ok with that, not really loving it. Well I decided that it was time to try other foods too. Since he was ok with the apple rice cereal, we mixed it with applesauce. He LOVED it! He would search out the spoon and open real wide as soon as I put more on the spoon for him. It was sooo cute! Next week he gets to try a green vegetable. Which I just learned you are supposed to start with veggies first, starting with green ones, then orange ones then finally yellow. Who knew, lol!